Job is in Pending state (Robot -> pendng allocation )

I am learjing Uipath. Just created one process and published to Orchestrator. when run process, its stuck in PENDING state.
Per other threads, I made sure Robot is configured with full domain/username and it is active.
Please help.

Hi @sai.maddali

Is the robot and the process in the same environment?

You can check it from the robots page and the processes page

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Make sure these are meant correctly
—first from robot tray make sure the orchestrator url is mentioned as per this blog

—then the machine name must be taken from robot tray and copied
—now in ORCHESTRATOR in MACHINE tab create a machine with the same name copied even with same letter case

—then in ROBOTS tab make sure that a unattended bot type Is chosen and the machine created in precious step is mentioned here
—once after creating a robot make sure that the robot is provisioned to a environment
For that in ROBOTS tab → ENVIRONMENT tab where we need to create a environment and click on Manage option on clicking the three dots at the right end of the environment name
and add the robot created to this environment

—then while creating a process in orchestrator mention the same environment

Cheers @sai.maddali

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I have reviewed again all including environment and Robot…I made sure that all is well.
I have re-published process. It worked.
Thanks Guys

Thanks @Lahiru.Fernando @Palaniyappan


cheers @sai.maddali