Job is hanging/freezing

I’ve experienced this issue a number of times now on separate processes, looking for suggestions. I’m using the RE Framework and in the one process there is about 50/60 records to do a day. Within the Process.xaml file I added an additional retry block to try to complete the current transaction again if something fails.

Regardless, I’ve been having an issue where the job just stops running. It doesn’t move to the next transaction, doesn’t error out and just hangs at a certain point.

I’ve been struggling to debug this as I would expect that if the retry statement within the Process.xaml file exceeds its limit it would move to the next record but it just hangs forever.

Hi there @mkkajtez

Can you give more details about this?

Studio version, applications used, activities that is causing the bot to hang, is there large data manipulation involved, logs if possible…etc.

Studio version: 2018.4.4
Application: Internet explorer
Activities: Click, Type Into

The last log statement I have successfully logged the completion of the current record. It did not get to the next record where it logs "Processing Transaction Number: "

Have you tried changing and playing around between ‘Simulate’ click and ‘Default’ click and see whether it works?

Sometimes simulate might cause you those issues. If it is not a large data manipulation or some blunder like keeping ‘RepeatForever’ property as true for ‘On element appear’ I think changing the clicking or the typing type from simulate to default or default to simulate should work.

If issue still persists, share the full error stack trace (if there is an error log) or share your xamls if it isnt confidential.