Job gets freezed/hanged for hours in orchestrator

Hi All,

I have 3 processes out of which two are scheduled for every 15 mins (24/7 running). Few days the jobs are running fine without any issues. But intermittently jobs getting hanged/freezed for long hours for eg., 10 hours. Until we manually stop/kill the job it will be in running state. May I know what could be the reasons for windows server hang and solution?

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Hey @Sailaja_Pasupuleti

You mean to say Job goes into pending state ?

I guess this is something related to installation mode. Please make sure the bot is installed in Service mode.


No. Jobs are in running state and hangs for hours with no logs no exception thrown. We have to find out that it got hanged manually

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Did you click on the i icon to see if there is any clue ?

Have you tried logging in to view the robot machine when it’s stuck? If not can you review your Orchestrator logs and code to determine if there’s a specific activity in these processes that appears to be getting stuck? Check the log messages for these hung jobs and see if the last log message is always the same. That might highlight the specific activity causing you grief.

It’ll be much easier to determine the problem if you can identify exactly what these processes were doing at the point in time they appeared to ‘hang’.

At this stage it could be anything… an infinite loop, a macro or external script, application pop up halting your code execution…

There are no logs in the orchestrator. Robot getting hanged while reading and validating the emails using GSuite application scope(OAUTH). In Event viewer logs, it shows that UiPath Executor faulted (module ntdll.dll).

Is any alternative suggested for GSuite application scope?

Can you share the event viewer logs and a copy of your workflow?

Or a screenshot of your code, specifically the section you refer to as ‘reading and validating the emails’?