Job from Orchestrator starts before windows login is complete

Hi guys,

Have anyone encountered that when starting a job manually or by schedule in Orchestartor that the job starts before Windows login is complete? I’ve have a DameWare connection where I can look at the server when the job is running.

I’ve had a few cases now, where the first steps for example are logging in on a website (after reading config and so on), but where the workflow starts before Windows and IE are ready and responsive. This means I have seen it put the password in the username box and pressed the login button before putting in user and pass, because it thinks it already has done this.

So far I have bypassed this by adding delay in the start of workflows, but this is not really a very nice solution. Have any encountered this before? Or I my server just really slow logging into Windows?



Instead of delay, you can use Wait for Element Appear or Wait for Element Vanish activities to know the successful login and then proceed.

Depending on the security and server connections, the login may take time.

Karthik Byggari