Job freezes in Orchestrator

We have many processes triggering just fine, but sometimes processes can just freeze when they start. The job will then be in a Running state indefinitely until killed manually.
The job log is completely blank for the running job.

Anyone know what could cause process to freeze at startup?

We have unnatended robots in a modern folder.
Orchestrator On-premis 2020.4.3

Events in the server:
Abp.Authorization.AbpAuthorizationException: Current user did not login to the application!
at UiPath.Orchestrator.Web.Common.Authorization.UiAuthorizationHelper.d__3.MoveNext()

We have one AD-user for 4 VM’s. This works fine usually.

Hi Ferdinand,

I would have a look at the process itself. Did anything change on Assets for the process or Orchestrator configuration?

We have many different processes and all have been affected by this.
They don’t have assets and no change to configuration.
The Orchestrator server machine may receive Microsoft updates from time to time though.

Orchestrator message:
Info: Job execution terminated abruptly!
RemoteException wrapping System.Exception: Job execution terminated abruptly!

Server message:
UiPath.Orchestrator.Core.Exceptions.BusinessConflictException: Error code - 1213, Message - ‘The floating robot’s session is already active on machine VM10001!’

Hi @Ferdinand

Would you mind contacting our technical support directly? It looks like you are an Enterprise customer and in that case this would be the quickest way to get a solution :slight_smile:

Turned out that the process that froze while running tried to read a faulty PDF with OCR (PDF created in label printer mode?), and either didn’t throw an error or the error didn’t get handled and just hung out indefinitely. This has happened only once out of thousands of PDFs.

In addition, the reason for jobs not starting at all (indefinitely ‘Running’ status and no log) was because we had installed the Assistant as both Service mode and User mode on the VD (not sure how that happened). Solution was to disable the user mode in Orchestrator License->Unnatended.

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