Job faulted without any data

Hi! Some of our jobs faulted, but when we toke a look at the logs it was empty… I want to explane this to the business but i realy don’t know what went wrong…

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in JOBS tab along the right side of the faulted jobs, before to three dots, click on i symbol for VIEW DETAILS
there we will be able to see the reason for failure


Hi Palaniyappan, thanks you! but i still don’t know what went wrong. After this job faulted I started is manually without any issues…

21-1-2020 11-40-03

kindly check once the domain/username, password mentioned while creating robot in ROBOTS tab is correct or not
for domain/username in your machine itself in CMD window type the command as whoami which will give us domain and username, mention the same while creating robots in ROBOT TAB

Cheers @Melanie2202