Job faulted when is launch from Orchestrator

Hello guys, here is my problem:

I needed to configure UiExecutor to run as Administrator because if I don’t do it, UiPath can’t work with an application (the error UiPath gives to me is: Cannot access application ‘xgestevo*exe’. Elevated privileges might be required. Try running the UiPath application as an administrator)

The thing is, when I changed configuration to run as Administrator, UiPath works fine, there is no problem working with the application. But the problem doing this, is I can’t start the job from Orchestrator, because I get this error: Could not start executor. The requested operation requires elevation

Please, anyone has any idea about how to solve it? I don’t know why its asking me for high privileges, few weeks ago it was working fine without run as administrator. I need to be able to execute jobs from Orchestrator obviously, but I also need UiPath working with that application which requires high privileges…

Thank you folks,


It looks like a change of policy from your it department…can you confirm if there has been any upgrades or changes made to group policies on your systems or vm


Hello @Anil_G

I have solved it. I don’t know why, but there are like few different direct access to execute that application (the app which UiPath ouldn’t work with).

The thing is, if I open one of those direct access instead the other I was using to run the app, UiPath is working fine.

I guess this has be done by some kind of update. Has to be.

Thank you very much for your help,

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