Job failing when launched through Orchestrator via Computer Vision

Hi all,

As part of a project we are automating using Computer Vision. Testing the automation through the studio (run execution) on the server gives no issues. The same when we launch the job through the Orchestrator manually and we follow the automation on the Virtual Server visually while the RDP session is open. However, once we run the unattended automation autonomously (when it has its own RDP session), it always fails on one step “CV type into”.

Is there anything that could be causing this?

Thanks for providing insight on how to remediate this!



Can you check the job logs and share the error log

Hope this helps to understand the issue


Hi Srinivas,
Basically the error we get is that the CV Type Into Element is Not Found. The bot needs to type into the day, month and year in the image below.
Job_SEPA_Bankebetalingen_TEST-logs.xls (1.0 KB)
Edit: also added the logs.