Job Execution Failed/out of memory exception throwing on server

Hi Devs, pls assist, I’m getting the error Job Execution Failed and sometimes out of memory exception while processing files on server but when I tried on my local machine, it worked fine.Please any solution to this?

Hello @RPA-botDev

You need to check the memory utilization of your server. As it is working in local and not working in server, you need to check the hardware and software requirements for the UiPath usage.

Several reasons can cause this. IT would Help us when the Detail Error Message will BE shared With us.

In Case the errorcde ends wih a 52, so a Test Run With a reduced test Data set

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Hi ppr, please the error code is 0xC0000005, job execution occurs when reading the excel file from server, the volume is like 230000 rows. Please any solution to this will be appreciated