Job does not start as scheduled, stops, no logs

Job scheduled for 00:00 AM – 7:30AM, fails to kick off on right time.
No entries in the logs.
What are the possibilities for this case?
Any other logs that could give us a clue?
See attached screenshots.

Hi @cchilumula

Please do see the below post for your reference

Ashwin S

We have the stop defined.
The job triggers after stop time and moves to stop state.


We also have should stop inside the package.
The same package & version worked before.

HI Ashwin,

Please notice the job did not kick off on time. Another bot with on same schedule is not tested to work fine. The thread “scheduled job in orchestrator doesn’t stop” is not relevant to our issue.

What are the possibilities of a schedule failing to kick off the job? Where do we find the error?

Hi @cchilumula, are you able to check the detailed log from your job. Orchestrator Job page > View logs.

Job log is empty. It is on production and trace not enabled.

Any updates on this?

Hi @cchilumula

have you found a solution to the problem in the meantime? I am currently facing the same situation.

Wild guess, but what are your timezone settings in Orchestrator?
Depending on how its implemented, there could be a subtle bug where for example Orchestrator is in UTC and uses that for calculating when Stop should be sent, instead of using schedule timezone.
Of course its just guessing and it could be something completely different at play.

Orchestrator version would also help for diagnosis.

Facing this issue with Orchestrator 2019.4.4
Scheduled to run every 30 minutes, but the job is not kicked off at all.

Any help on this is great help!