Job applications, recommendations

I got a certified not so long ago and I need to start my career Im based in South Africa Johannesburg. Any suggestions or available applications for me.Thank you.


Eita daar, indaba ama company amaningi awanandaba if you are certified bafuna ube ne experience. so kungcono ushaye ama projects nyana uwafake ku GitHub and ku LinkedIn page yakho and keep on applying dawg. Congratulations on getting certified and all the best finding work.

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Lol i hope this wasnt a robot that responded hahaha😂.
Thanks brother for that. I needed that. I’ll do the projects and hopefully someone can recognize my work and ideas…
Thanks King👑

Lol :joy: definately not a robot bro, i just got excited when you said you’re from Joburg, i hardly ever see SA Developers here.

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:star2::trophy:. Maybe they are using another platform…
Thats another im trying to get. A network of people in this field.
Sorry to be blunt but are you Developer at work?

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@Pope_yhn, yes i am an Automation Developer at work. Check this out.