JOB ALERT! UiPath Developers Required



Hi all,

Protiviti India (, one of the business partners of UiPath, is hiring UiPath developers. The following are the company’s requirements:

-Basic Certification (mandatory)
-Orchestrator Training (mandatory)
-Advanced Training (Optional, but you’ll be preferred if you’ve done it)
-Advanced Certification (Optional, but you’ll be preferred if you’re advanced-certified)
-Good knowledge of an OOP language (particularly C# or, LINQ, SQL, and Regex is a plus.
-You should have experience of working on UiPath Automation Projects
-You should be ready to travel

If you meet the above requirements and are looking for a job/job change, send me your resumes at “”.



FYI, this is still valid.


Hi siddharth , I have sent my Updated Resume Thanks


Hi all,

Once again, would like to inform you all that this is still very much valid. As mentioned above, if you do meet the above requirements, send us your resume now.

To the ones who do apply for this, a friendly advice:

Please see that your expectations don’t exceed what you bring to the table (at least not by a big margin if at all).

If one can justify what monetary benefits one expects from the company, great. There’s absolutely no problem there. However, if one cannot do so and STILL end up being adamant on getting WAY more than the company offers without any room for negotiation, it’s not good for someone like me who’ll be referring them, justifying why they need to be hired, and having his neck on the line for them.

Best Regards,


The ones who have contacted me and sent me their resumes, if you haven’t gotten a call from the company yet, let me know.


Is job still open??


It is.


Please contact me on


@siddarth hi sir I am interested for the job and also completed the Advance level ui Path.

However I am working in KPO/BPS company please let me know how I can approach


Hi Abhinav,

If you’re indeed interested, send your resume at the email ID mentioned in the post, and I’ll make sure it gets to the higher management.