JIRA UIpath connection failed

Hello Friends,

I have a problem with my workflow,in fact my aims y is to create issues in JIRA so i have used “jira scope” with API token, but when executing this error appear:

That looks like something has got messed up in your imports, I’d suggest starting with those?
I don’t think its directly related the the JIRA activities.

@Jon_Smith i dont understand your comment, is it a namespace that i should add ?

I don’t know, your screenshots don’t give alot of detail, I am suggesting it indicates something is wrong with your imports, since thats how the namespaces are imported and suggested you look at them to see if anything is obviously wrong or at least to share them here for further assistance.

This happened to me few days back, its nothing to do with dependencies.

  1. Analyse your project first through workflow Analyser
  2. See if any compile time errors are there.
    3, Issue still persists, Try to restart your UiPath once.

Hello Friend,

I had solved the problem by desunstalling / unstalling UiPath, thanks

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