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I would like to seek for any help when creating a JIRA ticket. The project where I want to create a ticket requires a date field to be populated. How can I do this? Here is the code that I used to pass parameter in Custom Fields options.
new Dictionary(Of String, String) From {{“Vendor”,row(json(“Licensing_Vendor”).ToString).ToString},{“Survey Name”,row(json(“Licensing_SurveyName”).ToString).ToString},{“Date of Request”,Convert.toDateTime(row(0).ToString).ToString(“d/MMM/yy”)}}

I got this error message

Please help…
Thank you!

Definitely it doesn’t like your date input. Since is a custom field there won’t be much help out of the box. I’m guessing is complaining about the format, even when in Jira may be displayed as d/MMM/yy it won’t necessarily recognize it as a valid date. when sending it through the API.

Have you tried using the ISO date yyyy-mm-dd? also a good trick is doing a GET request of the tickets and identify which ones have this custom date field. It will point you in the right direction when you’re not sure.

If you have a sample of the JSON with the results from a GET I would be able to further investigate.

Thank you very much for your reply Edwin. I was able to resolve the issue by using the get and pulled the format of date. And you are correct the format should be yyyy-MM-dd.

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