JG Wentworth feedback



I spoke with our main contact at JG Wentworth on Friday. He is a big fan of our solution. Here are a few bits of info he shared:

  1. Could we color-code the workflow items in studio based on what activity they are? This would help with visualization of the process flow. For example, the get credentials activity would be a different color than the type into activity.

  2. add right mouse click menus

  3. the memory leak issue - he says the more files that are slated to be accessed by the robot, the RAM gets chewed up and this drags the process to a halt. Example, runs a process in debug mode that accesses a file that is broken into 29 parts. Each part is 40-50MB. Once the total file size gets in the 800MB to 1GB range it dies. Says he has submitted this as an issue in the past

  4. he is looking for contextual based settings vs. the properties window on the right side in Studio.

if you need more detailed descriptions of this, please let me know. He will get on a conference call with us to answer questions.



  1. activities are differentiated through name and designer. Changing the color is not easy and is dependent on the WF theme we use.
  2. what menus? We already have some options on right click menu on activity. What other menus are requested?
  3. we are working on fixing this issue
  4. can you give us more details?


would it be OK to arrange a call with you and Brandon to discuss? Thanks


@Jay_McGrath That will be fine, but we’d rather keep the feedback public if Brandon could join here.