Jenkins Uipath integration invalid credentials

Hi, I have been trying to integrate Uipath with Jenkins and github but I keep getting this “Invalid Credential” message. So far I have created two external applications for my tenant with different scopes (Orchestrator and Test). Both Application ID seem to fail so far. I wonder if I am missing something.

The cloning of the repository is working well and packaging of the project as well. But it fails when it has to connect to the orchestrator.

My JenkinsFIle :

Any ideas?

@Maximiliano_Villanueva thx for reaching out. We fixed an issue that might be similar to yours and released an update for our plugin Yesterday.
The issue we fixed led to the following error message:
Authentication failed
URI is empty.
I would kindly ask you to update your Jenkins plugin to the latest version available and re-check if the problem is solved.
If not, pls share your error logs with us.