JAXB error while posting Rest service


We are trying to run a rest service with UI Path. After adding the ontent type, mandatory parameters I am getting the below error.

JAXBException occurred : Unexpected character ‘f’ (code 102) in prolog; expected ‘<’
at [row,col {unknown-source}]: [1,1].

Can you let me know what is missing .


  1. Added HTTP request.
  2. Specified end point.
  3. Added parameters.


I’m not sure of this, but generally the error occurs due to the wrong JSON sent to the client. Please check and try testing the same using post man first :slight_smile:

Hi Harish,

We are posting the Rest service as XML not as json. I am getting 200 ok with Postman.
Is there a particular syntax to put in the key value pair in Ui Path. It looks like UI Path is sending the XML in an incorrect format.

No particular syntax for that. Make sure the body you are sending is correct and try giving the body to a string type variable and then pass it to the body of http request @deshpande.alok

Does it help ? @deshpande.alok

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