Java Processes Stop -> does anybody need a activity

as I know it is difficult to stop a running Java process correctly on a machine because in the list of processes which you get using the getProcesses activity it is always only known as “java.exe” or “javaw.exe”. So you have to read the startpath of the process to identify the process you are searching for.

Also you can’t get some information of the process if it is a 64bit process and the robot is running as 32bit.
Now I have created my own small activity which will provide you with the correct path information you need. It gives you the info regardless of 32 oder 64 bit.

I can offer that activity for free and also a small project file which will show how to use that activity to correctly stop a process for the current user.

I would like to upload both the activity and the demo. But I don’t know where I’m allowed to do that.

Kind regards

Think that best place to upload this kind of activity would be :

Ok, I have uploaded the ProcessInfo activity to that marketplace. I attached here a small project which shows how to use. Note: this is a demo not a complete modul. We use a reusable module that can terminate the desired processes and which uses the activity to identify the processes. (18.7 KB)