Java Application - Random Popup While Extracting Table

I am experienced in automation tools but new to UIPath. I am automating a locally installed Java client to extract a data table into UIPath. However, a popup is randomly occurring for a ‘multi line text editor’ when UIPath does the events programmed. It seems like the ‘extract data table’ function is causing this popup. Does anyone have an idea what events in UIPath could trigger an application popup for a text editor?

We have tried both using and not using the Java extension and it has not mattered either way for this issue.

Hi @c-michael.niemeyer
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Can you please share a screenshot of the popup?
Is this popup an error or warning by the Java application or a standard popup which comes up when a certain element is clicked?

If it’s a standard popup, the Extract Data Table activity may be inadvertantly interacting with some element which triggers the popup. In this case you might want to use Indicate Element in the Extract data table activity to see if there are multiple containers within the table.
(Just my initial thought on what may be wrong. Please share the screenshot if possible so the cmomunity can help you better)


I agree, the extract seems to be the cause of the issue. The popup is actually triggered 2-3 times where I would need to close each popup before continuing. The extraction still works, but prevents future work from taking place without killing the app and logging back in.


Hi @c-michael.niemeyer ,

I might have an idea, there is a chance that the table you are interacting with is an extension of the classic Swing JTable and it does not extend some functionalities correctly. Unfortunately, this can only be checked by having access to the compiled .jar file of the target application (if it’s an .exe or something else, it still relies on dependent .jar files). If this is the case, we may come up with a fix and avoid that part of the code that is causing the popup to show.