Java Application - How to get javastate attribute working in Click activity's selector

How can I include the javastate attribute in my click activity’s selector? UIPath appears to ignore javastate, even though it is available in the “Selected Items” pane of UI Explorer.

<wnd app=‘th*’ cls=‘SunAwt*’ title=‘Watchlist*’ idx=’*’ />
<java cls=‘PagedFullQuoteTable’ role=‘table’ />
<java role=‘label’ tableCol=‘0’ javastate=‘enabled,focusable,visible,showing,selected,transient’ />

I basically want to right click on a “selected” table row. The only way for the Click to detect a selected row is with the javastate or aastate attribute. A way to get this to work or an alternative method would be helpful.

Turns out this was a documented issue resolved in UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities v20.10.7.
To fix this, I used the Manage Packages item, and installed UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities v20.10.8.

The javastate attribute, in my selector, is no longer ignored.

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