Java - Active Accessibility - automation

Hello together,
I’m trying to automate a “Active Accessibility” base application.
To be exact a Java Application.

But I suspected the UiPath process has not access to the Ui-Elements.
If I try to user “Wait Element Vanish” activity the process will run in a Timeout Exception.
The Timeout value of this activity has the following value “10000”.

All other activities, such as interacting with the UI, do not work either.
For example TypeInto.

However, when I use the UI Explorer, I am told that the selected selector is correct.


Used Selector:

<wnd app='[NAME_OF_APPLICATION].exe' cls='SWT_Window0' title='*' />
<wnd aaname='Import von *' cls='SWT_Window0' idx='1' />
<wnd cls='SunAwtCanvas' />
<java name='Import von *' role='intern frame' />
<java idx='8' role='panel' />

I saw the possibility to use the Java Extension but I read that “active accessibility” applications are not supported.

What other options do I have how to automate application?

Have any of you already had some experience and can give me some tips?

Ich konnte das Problem lösen.
Der Inhalt von dem ‘Idx’ Attribut hat sich während der Laufzeit der Anwendung verändert.

Dadurch konnte der RPA Prozesse das UI Element nicht finden.