I've never understood this

I don’t get how I should be using the browser. With almost all my activities I need to automate, I’m starting from a point where my browser is already open. I don’t want to open a new browser…I just want to Navigate to the one I have. I think I can use “navigate to” without opening a new browser, but I have two issues with this…1-what are the proper browser variables?, 2-what if I’m logged in and the url is throwing a session ID that either messes up the navigation or won’t let me use the flow in the future?

Instead of using “navigate to” activity, you can first use “attach browser” and update the selector property to align it with your requirement.

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Thanks Sarthakj. I’ll give that a try. What about the session ID in the URL? Do I have to update the process flow every time I login with a new navigate to address?

@a-a-ron, sounds like you need to save the url after it loads to be used again later. I’m not sure if that will be the best approach if the session id gets generated each time you log in, which then you might just need to log in over again.

Here is info I found to get the url. You basically use a Get Attribute as shown in the samples posted:

EDIT: and to add, you would use an Attach Browser or Attach Window with wildcard in the selector, then use that variable (browser or window) in the element field of Get attribute

Thanks for the help Clayton. I’ll give it a try.