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Hi Folks,
Today I would like to share with you some interesting information that will shed some light on the background related to the feedback process. It is more about telling you how it works and a little reminder about THIS. Let’s begin…

Giving feedback

You’re familiar with this, aren’t you? No? Let’s recap. You’ve opened Studio and started to work on a project. Everything runs smoothly (most of the times :slight_smile: ). You want to share some information on your experience working with our products, or you run into an issue, or error etc. What do you do? Look at the right upper corner in Studio:
There’s this tiny little fella sitting in the middle between the magnifying glass and question mark icons. Click it, I dare you.

You’ll see the form for sharing feedback with us. You can even attach some files there (screenshot, log etc.). That’s how the journey starts.

Here we go

So you have submitted the feedback form right? What’s next? Your action generates a ticket in our internal tool. Every form submitted from Studio lands in a separate space we call UserVoice. You might think: “Mhmm, so what’s the big deal… they probably put an automation in place to grab everything, but read only some of them”. So let me tell you that despite the automations in place, we do check each particular ticket. By whom? Well… by Me and @loginerror :smiley: Surprised? Good.
We check each ticket, that is each form that you submit. Obviously, there are some “test” tickets or some that aren’t really detailing the issue, improvement or anything that we could use. So we try to process only those which are properly filled out. Trust me, we try to do a lot even with little information. Yes, we do like to know how people are working with our tools, what is bad, what is good etc. What’s more important we are monitoring this all!

The saga continues

Once we have all tickets sorted out we need to divide them into two groups. Bugs and Improvements/Features. Bugs are assigned to separate spaces based on the related product (Studio, Orchestrator, Robot, and so on). Improvements and Features are further handled by us. Here, using automations put in place, we transfer those tickets to a separate tool where dedicated people check each feedback/request and assign it to future projects, improvements or new functionalities.

Here, I would like to shed some light on this process. So the tool we use for Improvements has not only tickets resulted from the previous step, but also everything that comes from the Forum’s UserVoice category and Customer feedbacks as well. This should answer many of your questions like “what’s the status of my feedback?” or “when will you provide this functionality?”. I want to tell you all feedback is considered and is categorized and prioritized. It’s a very long and time-consuming process which is why it takes so long. But I want to assure you that we are taking it into consideration. To check on the progress, just go to the mentioned Forum’s category and search for the image tag.

Everything that has a beginning must have an end

If the feature, bug, report or request is implemented/fixed by our devs and properly tested then the ticket related to it is closed. If it comes from the forum, me or @loginerror will set the tag mentioned above. And this is how your ideas, requests, and feedback are being processed. Please remember that our tools and products are mostly as useful as you all want it to be. We are here and we are listening to everyone.

There’s more!

All good so far? What if I tell you that we want more? We need your feedback. If you have anything that you would like to tell us just use Studio’s Send Feedback functionality or Forum’s UserVoice to let us know.

PS. If you like posts like this (where I’m revealing and showing some background stuff) let us know.


Really really great mail – made me smile and think – good combinantion!

May the power be with you😊



@Pablito @loginerror

All of you are truly amazing. Keep up the great work!


Hello Pawel

I really like this idea of revealing and showing some background stuff via email. It’s definitely something we should continue with. I’ve been actively using Studio in the last 3 months without paying attention to the feedback form mentioned here. So this idea has my vote.

Long live UiPath.




Thanks for sharing this. Great to know how UiPath handles this feedback and knowing that there’s light at the end of the tunnel for others faced with how to handle the queries.

Love the behind the scenes peek. Keep it coming!


Great mail and I like that type of information.

Continue the good work


it’s really good to show the background of the improvements (and showing features I didn’t know). Thank you for this post and I will send an idea right now :wink:



Hi, I get a notification in studio, that there occured an errorr while sending. I should check my internetconnection.
I use studio in our corporate network, there a firewalls and proxys and that sort of stuff. I have internet access (so I can post here). What should I check now?
Thank you!


Hi @mm1904

I believe this might be indeed an issue on the network side.

I have also experienced some rate limiting myself when sending many feedbacks in a row (just testing some internal automations :slight_smile:), but if you didn’t spam too much it shouldn’t be the case.


@Pablito Good to learn how the feedback system works.

Is there a way for the submitter to find out how the feedback submitted is progressing through your internal system?

May something like a status update that the submitter can check.


Hi @Paakay,
Very good question. At the moment the only way is for Forum-submitted cases where you can check if it’s image or image. For the rest of submitted feedback we don’t have currently possibility to do such thing as those (let’s call them tickets) are switching their places depends of current state or who is working on them or to which potential feature package will they land etc. It’s hard to monitor this. But we are not excluding this in the future :slight_smile:


Good work

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