"It's a match" issue when displaying data

I am testing with the “is a match” activity, I read a text and it finds the word, as my variable is “boolean” it shows me TRUE, how can I show the word since I have tried several forms and I do not get it. I have tried with IEnumerable but it gives me the error that I show you, if I select IEnumerable, it tells me that it cannot be converted to boolean.
Any ideas to then go through a loop and get the extracted data?


  1. First use Is Match activity to check looking value existing or not in the given input string. It will give True if value exists else False.

  2. And then use Matches activity and pass the same input string and it will return all matches and it is of type Enumerable.

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Perfect, very thansk.

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Here is an example of how I have done it:

In a for each loop with the type argument shown as such

do a for each item in the Match results and assign a variable to capture the results such as this:

Thanks, I have it solved now.

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