Iteration trough zipped folders

I have several zipped folders with a different name. I would like to unpack all zipped folders in corresponding new folders. Therefore I chose the activity “get file info”. Where I saved the output in a variable (type: System.IO.FileInfo) After that I used the for each activity. However there is an error message when i use the variable (Main.xaml: BC30512: Option Strict On disallows implicit conversions from ‘FileInfo’ to ‘IEnumerable’. The selected value is incompatible with the property type.)


this is issue with the type argument.

i believe Get file info would give single file information so it is not list.
we will not use for iteration.

Ok, so I should use the assign Activity, define a variable with directory.getfile()

Hi @regi0001 ,

Yes. New Directoryinfo(folderpath).Tolist() also works

Unfortunately not


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You need to use for eqch file in folder and give the folder path and filter as "*.zip"

Inside loop currentfile.fullname will give the fullpath of eqch zip file…use unzip activity with it

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Hi @regi0001

You can use for each file in a folder with filter of “*.zip” & use Extract/Unzip Files activity to extract the Zip files & put it in one folder this will iterate through all the zip files

Hope this helps :slight_smile: