Iteration through datatable

Hi ,

I am extracting a datatable in SAP for different transactions in a for loop and using a filter wizard activity to apply some filters too. Each transaction will have a different DT

After first transaction, I am clearing the filtered DT using Clear Datatable activity, and when i prints it -it just gives headers (As expected)

But in the second iteration, filtered DT still shows the first DT filtered values which I do not need.

Please help .

Hi @Teenu

May be the filtering part is not working as expected. Have you checked whether it is working as required?

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filter part is working as expected

Hi @Teenu did you clearing the both dts i mean filterDT and extracted dt.

No only filterDT

Extract DT
Iterate and then clear filtered DT
Next iteration-filteredDT not clearing ,it has first iteration rows.

okay …fine do like this for filterDT initlize filterDT with new Datatable() when nieration starts.

No, its not working

can you please share you xaml here

hey Thanks Kalyan, its resolved.
I have used SELECT with ExtractDT and cleared DT. It works fine

Thank you so much

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