Iterate throw row in excel that contains number separated by space

@Yasser_Ahmed_Baharetha Confirm it and let me know
please change path of “master” file according to project directory
duplicateProject (2).zip (46.6 KB)

OK Thanks a lot Mr.Raja …
let me check

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@Yasser_Ahmed_Baharetha ok. If your problem solved then please mark it as solution.
One thing more to acknowledge you that we can’t delete rows in for each over data. Here I used filter with in loop and I am filtering data one by one Value.

Yeah right,

Actually nothing is deleted Mr. Raja, master file is still same ,
and filter file also empty…

if I can just delete from master file that’s will be fine


  1. Filter File is Empty because all the Ref No matched with Values that’s why it deleted.
  2. You can Write back to master file.

It deleted all the values for master File.

If you want to update master file then here give master file:

I tested it with Wrong Ref No:
Its returned me one line so its working fine

yeah I forget this note let me extract another master file data

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Yeah Test it with Different Master file which has different data.

You’re a legend Mr. Raja Thank you so much it work for me fine when I change master file data.

Thank You So Much,
all Of You Guys…

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@Yasser_Ahmed_Baharetha Thank you so much for kind words. Actuall I did’t get enough time yesterday so I could not send it by yesterday.

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