Iterate through run time row and break if condition match

Let’s take below an example of rediffmoney.

I have to check name of each share under the highlighted area and if desired share name found, click on that share and exit.
for that, i am using get attribute and getting the count of element present. ( In my application its dynamic i.e. number of share displayed may change.)

now return of get attribute is innumerable of UIElement. My probelm is that how to iterate through the count of innumerable<>.count if i am looping through while loop, unable to use break it as break is only allowed under for each. How to iterate through for loop or use break in while loop.

Hi @gupta.rak1984, i have a idea, when conditiona match
assign count = uielement.count

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Hi @gupta.rak1984 ,

rediff.xaml (12.7 KB)


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