Iterate through number of items


I am automating one desktop application.
I have a list of records in the desktop application and I want to open chart for every one of the record.
After opening the chart and doing some task there I am return back to my list of records and then opening the chart for second record.
Now the issue I am facing is I am not able to open the chart for the second item.
I am using for each loop with the collection of child elements.
How would I achieve to open the chart for every record?

Refer attached screenshot.

Does the application allow you to open multiple charts? If you haven’t already, make sure you can do what you are trying to do manually (i.e. just interacting with the app without UiPath).

If it’s possible to do it manually, but you can’t get UiPath to do it, try posting your XML file here so we can look at the code.

If it’s not possible to do manually, then you might be able to achieve the end result you want another way (for example saving a copy of the chart before closing it and getting the next one, or taking a screenshot of the chart before closing etc. etc.) Without knowing exactly what your aims are it’s difficult to give an exact solution.