Iterate through cells depending on date

Hello all,
I am currently working on making a process regarding the today’s date and a seperate program that does not use the browser.
The layout is similar to excel spreadsheet.
I need to be able to click on the cell that contains either today’s date or earlier(let’s say todays date is 2019-12-20 which i highlighted).

Unfortunately the data scraping tool does not recognize the numbers but the get text function does.

How would I be able to make a sequence where I can click into the ones that are today or past dates and then skip the ones that are future dates.
After clicking I will be doing a certain process after so I need it to be able to navigate back and continue from that point and check the other dates.
Preferably using the type into “[k(down)]” to navigate to the next date below.

Hi @dvn

Use condition as Cdate(row(“columnname”).ToString (“yyyy-MM-dd”)).equals(now.ToString(“yyyy-MM-dd”)

Then use click activity and then aaname give it as now.ToString(“yyyy-MM-dd”) else datetime.adddays(-1). ToString (“yyyy-MM-dd”)


could you elaborate it a little more, the first condition i dont really understand where it should be applied.