Iterate through an outlook mailbox, extract information from the attachment, remove duplicates from the mailbox

Hi, I need to iterate through a outlook inbox, extract information from the attachment in the email which is stored in a data table. The problem i’m having is checking for duplicates. If the sender of the email, date and total which is extracted from the attachment are the same the file is considered a duplicate. If there is a duplicate the email must also be moved from the inbox

At the minute everything is stored in my data table so currently I 3 duplicates. I have been trying to store the values as variables and do an if statement to try and check if they already exist in the data table. I was planning on using a if statement as it allowed for two different paths. If else - I would add the new values to the data table. If then - I remove the email from the inbox.

Were you ever able to solve this issue? I am looking to do something similar and would appreciate guidance on the best way to accomplish it.
Thank you.