Iterate through all excel cells

Hi guys!
I have a huge table. I need to run all cells and check if they are not equal 0.
How can I iterate through all cells?

if its in excel read using read range and convert to data table. Or if you already have a data table you can use for each row to iterate through each row of the data table., How to adress each cell then?
For each row in dt
if … <> 0
What should be instead “…”?

row(“the column name which you are checking for”).ToString.Contains(“0”)

you can use the above in the if condition
But I need to check cells in all columns. That’s the question.

For Example 1 have table 10x10. I need to check 100 cells…

you need to check all the 100 columns if it has 0?

I have 10 rows and 10 columns. So I need to check all cells in this range 10x10 dynamically. As an example.

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here you go with a sample xaml
hope this would help you (15.7 KB)

Cheers @Slavich

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Beautiful decision, as always.
Thank you, @Palaniyappan

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