Iterate through a row in Excel and paste the cells into another system

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Let’s say I have an Excel list of only one row with 100 numbers (from 1 to 100). How can I iterate trough this numbers and paste them one after the other into a system?

My plan is to put number 1 into the system, get some data from the system, then put number 2 into the system, get some data from the system and so on…

Maybe someone can tell me which activities to choose (like “read range”, “for each”,…) or has a link to a similar problem?

Thank you!!!


  1. use Data scraping to scrape data from webpage and it will you output in dataTable.

  2. then Use For Each Row activity to iterate that dataTable.

    • pass data like this: Row(" ColumnName").tostring
    • Use GetText activity to get text from there
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If you want to iterate through each column you should use read range to read the row in a dt variable.

Using a while activity until an index which starts at 0 is less than dt.Columns.Count, access your value using dt(0)(index).

dt(0) is referring to the first row and index is the way you iterate through each Column.


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