Iterate the flow of finding data multiple times from 3 sheets in Excel

I have an excel sheet with user names. I need to find names, which need to get deactivated. Once they are found on one of the excel tabs within one big spreadsheet, the bot needs to actually go and deactivate them.

I started the flow but that only happens on 1 tab. I replicated the flow for the 2nd sheet but it isn’t working. If I want to repeat the process, I’m not sure how to reiterate the loop. Attaching the sample excel file and also the XAML file. Please help !

Main.xaml (8.2 KB)
Sample_User access.xlsx (23.1 KB)


Just gone through your spreadsheet, all the three sheets were in different table format(Schema). So you can’t use the same flow for all the three sheets unless all the sheets has same structure.

Ranjith, firstly thanks for the response. So bascially this is refreshable query in the spreadsheet. So it will have to be tweaked to where all the 3 tabs mirror each other ?

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Yes all the sheets should be in same format to use the same workflow. Schema should be mirrored for all the sheets.

Ok great, I will have to get the query corrected first. Thank you.

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