Iterate the excel file ignoring the headers

how can i iterate this file without reading the header? I only want to read the Account Number so i can search it in the telco portal. Thank youBillsonline_BillDetails.xls.xlsx (18.8 KB)

You can use the read range activity to specify A5:A90 (or whatever range you like)

HI @julius.mapili

You can use a read range activity to get this done. In the read range activity, for the range property, specify the start point as “A5:A90”. and in the activity properties, select the Add Headers property to specify the first row contains the column name.

Thanks. My concern is every month it could change. is there any other approach to do this instead of hardcoding the range of cell?

Hi @julius.mapili,
get the cell name of statement of accounts details using lookup range activity inside excel application scope and then once you got the cell name then you can go further and read the table accordingly,

let us know if this helps
Pavna H

HI @julius.mapili

yeah… you can do that using a Read Column activity. in the Starting Cell property, mention the A5 cell as the starting point. The results will be added to a IEnumerable which you can loop through later using a For Each activity… This will not limit to a specific range… It will always extract all the rows in that particular column starting from A5 cell

Let know if that helps

Hi @julius.mapili ,
Please find the attached workflow to get the cell value for a cell and then use same logic to get for other cell which will be constant like for example 1st column name, and continue as per your (9.9 KB)

let us know if this helps,

Pavan H

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Thank you guys. I get it now. Appreciate your help. Im into my last sequence. Thanks again!

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