Iterate Names through column Title

I would like it to be For each name in the column title, take the name and search into the bbc news search bar where it then screen scrapes the data in each article. (21.3 KB)
The difficulty I am having is with the code snippet below with foreach item in the data frame and then calling item.toString

Do you want to iterate through each column, or each row in the datatable? I can’t open your workflow as i am still on 2018.4.3, but based on the picture you are currently iterating through each row of the datatable.

What do you mean by each name in the column title? Assuming that the CSV in your zip file is the datatable you are working with, there are no column headers. Therefore column 1 is going to be named Column 1, column 2 is named Column 2, etc

Let assume you want to Iterate over each datarow and using the value of a particular column for doing the search.
Item(YourColumnNameOrIndex).ToString should do the job

exactly what problem you are facing?

That’s great thanks!

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