Iterate excel data with Transactional Process template


I want to iterate row by row data from excel sheet in Transnational Process template.

I have written code in Data input sequence where in it should read the data row by row, and if the condition meets in Data input sequence, then system should start the process (opening browser, entering data etc etc).

Where I am facing problem is,
For the very first time, system is reading the first row of the excel sheet and checks the condition and entering data into web form as expected,
But for the second time, system is not reading the data from the second row of the excel,instead it is again reading the data from the first row only

Attached is the screen shot for your reference, let me knw if xmal file is needed too,i can share

So are we referring each row with their index

And if so is that index counter incremented atlast

Kindly check that once pls
Cheers @Ram0803

No luck @Palaniyappan.

Now facing some other problem…
I have an excel with two rows, and i have used for each row to iterate the data from the DT.
Now, when system execute the Data Input block,it always update the variable with the latest value and the same value is being sent to Transaction Processing block where in it will enter value into the respective fieilds…

Ultimate with this approach i am not be able to pass the value of the first row, it is always being updated with the latest/last row value,

please help me hereTDS (47.4 KB)