Iterate and print ExtractionResult

I am using Simple Document Data Extraction activity (a companion for ‘Digitize Document’) part of IntelligentOCR package. The output of it is “ExtractionResult (UiPath.SmartData.DataContracts.Results.ExtractionResult)” which I don’t know how to iterate and print the values from it.

And this is the Label configurator fields:


How to iterate the ExtractionResult and print its values?

Hello @Ahmad_Hijazi ,

Main (3).xaml (8.3 KB)

Try referring to this , surely must help !

Thank You,

Hello @Anusha_Makam, it is showing “Missing or invalid activity”. What is included in the activity?

Hello @Ahmad_Hijazi,

Download Dependenies and try!

Thank You!

I found the solution:

  1. Create a new variable (myVar) of type: “ResultsDataPoint”
  2. Assign “ExtractedResult.ResultsDocument.Fields(0)” to myVar
  3. Print myVar.Values(0).Value

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