Item not found, Find Files And Folders Office 365

When I use the FindFilesAndFolders activity from Office 365, it is throwing the following error

Find Files And Folders SharePoint Folder: Code: itemNotFound
Message: The provided path does not exist, or does not represent a site
Inner error

The URL I’m using has special characters in it, like white spaces and ‘&’.

I’m trying to access the above-mentioned URL and the ‘Output%20Data’ is the folder in it

How can I use the URL, if it contains White space and special characters?

@krishnakanth.k Hai…
Ensure that u have mention the path properly

The given path is correct, I can open the site manually using the same path.

Your “Find Files and Folders” properties will look like this:

SiteUrl: “
DriveName: “Shared Documents”
Query: “Output Data”
First: “OutputDataFolder” (or a variable name of your choice)

Then you use your OutputDataFolder variable for whatever you need.

yeah, that’s correct, but what if there are multiple folders with the name “OutputData”.
how can I provide the absolute path?

In v1.3.0, a SubFolder property has been added. You can now specify absolute paths in which to search

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