It takes too long to process inside for each row in the data table and another for each row in the data table

Two Excel sheets are compared, and the other sheet is updated in Excel First by read range activity. Using the for each row in data table within another for each row data table activity, two Excel sheets are saved in the data table. It was therefore taking too long to execute.
Any other possible solutions to this


Generally in debug mode it might take more…did you check from irchetsrtaor?

Also I dont think you need two for loop…one should be enough and use the index property in for loop to navigate the second excel as well

I guess you are trying to compare row by row…if not you can use filter datatable to know if required row is present or not



You can use join datatable activity…which will get you matches and non matched rows as well…join on the column which you are comparing

I believe it is services

If you do inner join you will get all matched rows

if you do a full join you will get non matched rows also and can seggregate using filters

please check this


I’ll succeed with that one, I’m sure. I don’t know much about join data table activity, but I’ll attempt to find out and will let you know.

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Here is a tutorial video to assist with @Anil_G’s reply - see the 2min mark

Here is a description you can reference also:


  • Keep all rows from Dt1 and Dt2 which meets the join rule.
  • Any rows that do not meet the rule are removed the resulting datatable.
  • “When you want to find something in common”


  • Keep all rows from Dt1 and only the value which meet the join rule.
  • Null values are inserted into the column for rows from Dt1 that don’t have a match in the Dt2 rows.


  • Keep all rows from Dt1 and Dt2 regardless of whether the join condition is met.
  • Null values are added into the rows from both tables that don’t have a match.



Thanks for your assistance. :smiley:

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