IT Service Management Connector


What is the use case

The area of IT Service Management is a huge source of manual and repetitive work. I personally worked in this area for >10 years and therefore know that there is a lot of potential for RPA there. Examples are Standard Changes (routine stuff, like Patches) or Incidents, Events or Service Requests that occur very often (i.E. like password resets or similar types of questions). Also RPA could be used to classify and categorize or pre-check Incidents agains a knowledge base. A lot of annoying work, usually agents do.

How do you see a solution for the use case?

There are a lot popular IT Service Management (ITSM) Tools outside. But only a few of them are usually used when dealing with thousands of requests. IMHO the most important ones are: ServiceNow, BMC ITSM Suite, HP Service Manager and maybe OTRS (By connecting these ITSM applications you do not get one use case, but hundreds of use cases).

So the solution is to create Activities/Application Connector for the most important ITSM tools (Imho ServiceNow, BMC ITSM Suite, HP Service Manager and maybe OTRS)

Scope: Application Connector / Activities


ITSM integration with RPA is very Nice Idea.

Request you to please have a look of my idea and vote -


I think it will be very useful. I also requested this earlier:


Thanks for the guidance its really knowledgeable thread. :slightly_smiling_face:


you could use the Custom servicenow package from community gallery.

User must have REST API access for ServiceNow. Please reach out to me for any questions/issues