It is possible in UIPath?

I have an idea and I don’t know if it’s possilble with UIPath.

I want to create a system or a web app wherein if I click the certain button from my web app(made from PHP or Java). The robot will perform depending on the action I ask.


  • If I click the calculate tax button from web app made thru(PHP or Java)
  • then the robot will perform all the automation or task to achieve that Tax Calculation.

Yes it is possible! I had similar thought. You read my mind!

  1. Keep total flow in a loop
  2. Run based on what is selected.



Yes ofcourse buddy. Its possible…But you must clear with selectors while choosing elements in JAVA applications…


According to I knowed,
you can make command line to be used to perform specified robot by arguments.
So if your web app can execute a command line, you can implement your idea.
Actually, except web app, Excel VBA and any application always can do that.

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