It doesn't feel like it's been 3 years of learning RPA

Hi All,

At the beginning of 2020 I learned RPA Studio X and Studio, at first I thought RPA was something related to Robots or Robotic Machines like Factory, but after I studied I was quite surprised, it turns out that RPA is something that is easy to learn because it’s low code and it looks like it’s easy. RPA, all digital things on the computer can be automated, after studying I finally took the certification exam and successfully passed it, then from the university it gave me a very extraordinary opportunity, namely to share my RPA knowledge with the banking industry and I just had to follow the guidelines from the RPA Academy. to 12 sessions per batch, it turned out to be quite a challenge because what I shared during 1 batch or 12 sessions were 15 people who were already using RPA. and it doesn’t feel like I’m teaching up to 3 batches. After teaching in the industrial world, I was given the opportunity to teach students for the RPA course here, which is much more challenging because these are students who are really getting to know RPA for the first time and also those from various majors, not only technical majors but also non-technical majors such as accounting, management and engineering majors. finance. But it turned out that RPA was not difficult for all of them to understand, even their final project in the form of a project went well, all the RPA that was made went according to expectations and even above my expectations, this is truly extraordinary.


Great feedback, maybe you can write your own experience in a UiPath blog? This appeared in unanswered questions list but it really is a feedback I surmise… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments