Issus with "for each row"


I have to modify an automation due to an upgrade of a web application.

  1. I connect to the application and I search results after applying some filters
  2. I extract the results in a database
  3. For each ID stored in the database, I go in the application, enter the ID and download an attachment.

The main difference with the new version of the application is that data were previously set as a table () and now if I want to extract them it is

so I can’t extract the whole database, I have to do it column by column. I managed to do it.

But then my following step isn’t working anymore and I wonder if it is linked or not.

In my database I have a list of ID (without column header), and I need to enter each ID in the application to download a document stored.
I was then using a “for each row activity” which is not working anymore (even for the first ID of the list, it doesn’t enter it in the field of the web application). I don’t have any error message, the robot just goes to the following step without doing what is asked in “for each row”.
I don’t understand why…

What I have in my workflow is :

  • open browser
  • for each row in Datatable:
  • input the ID (I use: row(0).ToString)
  • click on the ID found in the application
  • open a link
  • download the document
    *assign counter=counter+1

Any idea why my “for each row” is not working anymore?

Thanks for your help

Have you tried to see if your DT has any elements in it?

“so I can’t extract the whole database, I have to do it column by column. I managed to do it.”

It might sound stupid, and maybe you forgot to write it, but between the steps of “open browser” and “for each row” you need to put a read range, so you get a DataTable variable that you use in the for each row. Do you have that? If so, have you checked the path is correct and you are not reading a blank excel?

Cheers and I hope this helped

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