Issues with workbook full name

Hi !

I have a issues with this macro, send me this message!!
“Write WorkbookFullName to run macro in : The range does not exist”


I need your help for a solve this.

Thanks :slight_smile:

The error is generated from 1st activity in the screenshot. try to write line the range specified and see if it exists.

I see “workbook…” is specified in the range which is incorrect format. It should be like A1,B1 etc.

Similarly check for 2nd activity as well.

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Well, the same project it is works but when can I try use in another package or path this not works, and send me that message.

sorry didn’t quite get it.
What do you mean by another packages?
anyways why there is write range(workbook) activity inside excel application scope,you should have used write range (excel).

I have the same example in another path and it works, when it next to the project sends me that mistake and it is the same project only with different path.

I already solved the above, it is works :slight_smile:
But now I have a new issue : Read Range : A column named ‘1’ already belongs to this DataTable. try with range “A2” and “”, but not works, does anyone have any suggestions for this?



Check the columns of your excel sheet. Looks like the column names are duplicated.Read range does not accept duplicate column names, you could uncheck ADD HEADERS to make it work.

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I think your DataTable column name has duplicate Value…
Which means your DataTable column has Same name like ‘1’…

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I did what you suggested, and the result of txt is the following:

Row1Txt: Columns1, Colunm2, Column3
Row2Txt: Code, FirstName, LastName, Age
Row3Txt: 12345, Juan, Perez, 23
Row4Txt: 54321, Oscar, Benitez, 67

What I try to say is that I do not delete the headers but it add a row of more.

what other query can I do to remove the headers?

Can you share your excel that you are having issue with. Someone will be able to provide the code.

This is the example!! (24.5 KB)


Try to activate Add Headers option in Read Range activity



Thanks Susana :slight_smile: , but I need to remove the first row like a column name, uncheck the box “AddHeaders” but not is good solution and I try with remove data row index 0 but remove the next row to column name. How can I have it remove the headers?


Please try with this (24.9 KB)





Try this:

Worked for me here!

Hope It Helps!