Issues with UiPath.Email.Activities - upgrading or downgrading both create issues

Hi all,

My robot is running perfectly well in Studio, but unfortunately fault when it’s run on the unattended bot on the bot server.

This is the error message that is displayed in the Orchestrator:
System error at initialization: Length cannot be less than zero. Parameter name: length at Source: Save Attachments

I found this related forum post about it:

The solution to the problem was to update the version of the packade “UiPath.Mail.Activities” to 1.11.1-alpha. However, when this is done I get another error message:
Cannot create unknown type ‘{**}GetOutlookMailMessages’. at Source: System.Xaml

To this, I found another forum post:

This forum post seems to state that I should downgrade the version of the UiPath email package…

So in summary: I get problems unless I update the version, but when I do, I encounter another problem which is also related to the UiPath.Email.Activities-package. I am feeling kind of stuck in this issue. Does anyone have a solution for the issue?

Many thanks!

Here’s my workflow in Studio for reference

The issue is caused by “Save Attachments” activity when there is no attachment in the email. You can check whether there is attachment or not before running the “Save Attachments” activity.

Refer to the screen below for your reference.

This seems to have solved the issue. Thank you very much!

Hi @kkiw

I recommend you to use RE Framework


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