Issues with scraping Amazon

Have an issue with scraping specific details from Amazon listings which I suspect is a wildcard issue but it’s really got me scratching my head.

Essentially I wish to type in a part number and then extract the Description or the ASIN number. If I do one part number it works perfectly, but doing more than one I get issues.

For instance, if I access this link:…/dp/B0011569SK/ref=sr_1_1…

This is my code in UI Explorer for Get Text getting the ASIN ref:

I have tried amending this part from: title=‘Autoglym Fast Glass 500ml : Automotive’ />


title=’*’ />

But then it puts in random ASIN numbers.

Tried to focus on other elements on the page too such as the Description or even the URL link, but I’m finding the same issue. It’s not being able to distinguish if I search for more than one Part Number

Hi @steve1977beyond

Can you post some more information about where do you type in the part number in order to look for a product? Is there an API call you’re making with which you land on the correct product page each time?

To solve your immediate concern, try matching your selector to specifically an Amazon window, not any open window.
... title='**' />
This way you can control which window is matched, as long as you also make sure to either use the same window to load the next product or close the open Amazon tab at the end of each loop.
Having multiple windows open matching will confuse the robot, just as having title = '*' will match any browser tab.

Thank you for the reply Ash, I did mess about with UI Explorer some more and managed to get it working. Only 1 ASIN number was incorrect in the end so it must have simply been an oddity with the number I was checking.

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