Issues With PDF Interaction After Upgrading From Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Version 2021 To Adobe 2022

Why is it not possible to interact with any elements in native PDF after upgrading Adobe Acrobat Reader DC version 2022.001.20142?


  1. Open the document manually in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
  2. Once the document is opened, you can press Ctrl+Shift+5 Or alternatively, you can click Edit -> Accessibility -> Change Reading Options
  3. An option like the example below should be visible now. Click the "Do not show this dialog box again. Use the settings from the Reading Preferences."
  4. Click Start.

Read more on Identifying UI Elements in PDF With Accessibility Options .


If the solution above does not resolve the issue, provide the following information to the UiPath Support team for further investigation,

  • If the PDF is opened in Acrobat 2022 (the updated application) and then use UiExplorer to spy some of the elements that are breaking, it is possible to capture anything in the PDF with UiExplorer? Or does it try and capture the entire page? ( Share a screenshot of what is seen.)
  • Select individual elements, share the selector seen in UiExplorer?
  • Change the UI Framework for UiExplorer (see screenshot below), is it possible to select individual elements?

  • Share example documents where the issue is occurring.
  • Does this occur on only one machine, or does this occur for all machines that have been updated to Adobe Acrobat Reader 2022?
  • Share a screenshot of the project's dependencies, or share the project files with me (.XAMLs, project.json, etc)
  • Was the previous version of Adobe Acrobat Reader the Pro version?
  • Also mention the Studio Robot version.