Issues with Partitioned Virtual Machine


I am currently facing issues with a process that runs off a partitioned VM, and I cannot work out why the process does not work. It is a client VM so I can’t change any of the resolution settings, or find out what they are. The process runs fine on physical machines, but does not work off the partitioned VM.

Has anybody else faced unknown issues with a partitioned VM? If so, what did you do to resolve the issues? Any feedback is appriciated.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, what is a partitioned VM? Is your process running on unattended or attended robot?

Hi @bcorrea,

A partitioned VM is a VM with the storage and capabilities divided. The client can’t add another machine to their network so we are using this.

The process is unattended

ok, then i dont see how the VM being partitioned or not would make the process have problems. Did you test this process on a server with the exact same configurations of the OS?

HI @william.coulson,
Can u elaborate on which activity exactly Bot stopped in VM.

Hi @bcorrea,

The process has run on various machines and VMs before with no issues.

Hi @DimpleP,

Various activities will break when the VM is not being watched. It is normally not the same activity.

All of the Partitioned VM settings match the settings in a Production VM I use, which has no issues.

So this means that you have activities that require attended execution… It is about the process activities, if you need this process to run on background you should check those thing and correct them. Also check this: