Issues with Filter DataTable and numerical string IDs


I am using UiPath Studio 2018.2.6 and so I have access to Filter Data Table. We are doing a proof of concept where we want to parse through a bunch of traveler data and import it into a new traveler portal. One of the things we have done is prepared data such as Frequent Flier numbers into separate worksheets in excel, connected by a generated ID.

We store the main profile in a datatable and iterate through each row. Each row will have a unique generated ID that may match multiple rows on our FF data table. It seemed like a slam dunk to read range the worksheet into a data table and then use “Filter Data Table” on that to match the ID of the profile. However filter table on the ID column is not working. My understanding is that even though at this point its a numerical ID (starting at 1 and incrementing), it would be read into the table as Generic and should be comparable to a string. So I’d filter on Col 0 compared with my row.Item(0).ToString in my “for each” through the main profile. Should I be converting it to a string before I do this?

We have other string fields (first name/last name) that I can filter table on fine so for now I am doing that. I am also able to successfully filter it out using DataTable.Select() so I am not really in need of a solution, just wondering why its not letting me treat my ID as a string.


try[columnName] = id).copytodatatable. this will return a datatable with the filter you specify.


Thanks for the suggestion but as I stated in my original post we have done that. I am not really looking for a solution to the general idea of filtering a data table.

I am looking for an answer to my specific question of why Filter Data Table is not working on a numeric ID.

How to use this to select only the Double values in a Column which have both double and string value and ignore the string values ?